How It Works

Seed Words


Wallet seed words

When you set up a cryptocurrency wallet for the first time (hardware or software), you are instructed to write down seed words and keep them safe. SeedSteel replaces that flammable, shreddable, dissolvable, piece of paper with stainless steel.


Shields, plates, fasteners, and automatic center punch. With SeedSteel, you have everything you need to encase your seed words in steel.

Word Templates

Use the SeedSteel Word Templates to create and print the seed words for your BIP39 or BIP44 compatible hardware and software wallets in large letters that are easy to read and commit to steel. Or can use our blank template to fill it in yourself. The only tool necessary is an automatic center punch (no hammer required!).

Cut out and tape the template to a plate. Then, press the point of the punch onto each dot until you hear and feel the spring release. This will put a dimple through the template into the steel plate. Do this until all your seed words are on the plates.

 Bottom Shield Stacking

Put the fastener nuts in the bottom shield. Stack the plates on the bottom shield.

  Bottom Shield Alignment

Align the bottom shield, fastener nuts, and plates.

 Top Shield Stacking

Align the top shield with the bottom shield, fastener nuts, and plates.


Admire your handiwork.


Screw the top and bottom plates together with the plates in between.


Shield, plate, plate, shield. A solid mass of seed words in steel that can be stored just about anywhere for the long term.